21st century skills reforms the outlook in education and society!



“We have moved from “know what” learning to “know where” learning.”

Gone are those days where educators used traditional methods in teaching and students working hard in grasping whatever possible during the lecture. The shift to 21st century paradigm has created a huge impact, where learning happens towards student centered approach. It’s not only about learning, it’s about teaching too! There are skills, which are essential for the students to develop throughout the learning process. Inquiry based learning has created a multi-faceted environment where educators across the world has started to redefine their classroom. Nowadays, learning happens anywhere and anytime.


Life skills or 21st Century skills equip students to thrive in the classroom and in the world beyond. These skills help students to learn and are dynamic to success, in school and beyond. Digital Literacy is mandatory, teaches interdisciplinary skills, collaboration, creativity, communication and Critical thinking skills are established within the pursuit.

Active participation, flexibility, shared responsibility is customary throughout projects. Learning evolves out of the box, exactly beyond the classroom is allowed where real world scenarios are brought into the classroom. Technology plays a vivacious role in developing key 21st-century skills, that will serve them well in a globally competitive, information-based society, such as problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.


The new era is piloted with a dramatic technological revolution.  We now live in an increasingly diverse, globalized, and complex, media-saturated society. Learning is woven with technology and plays an important role in imparting the skills aforementioned. Emerging technology and globalisation also provides unlimited possibilities for new discoveries and explorations. The possibilities of new learning methodologies to be invented are unlimited. 21st century skills bring out life skills that provide a healthy civilization as it develops civic literacy that leads to the development for functional capabilities and also their responsibility towards nation building. The skills such as empathy, self-awareness, decision making, inter-personal relationship etc. are worth to comment.

While referring to the roles and responsibilities of a 21st century teacher, i would easily quotes that it is not an easy one. Sometimes it is very demanding that teachers spend most of their valuable time in preparing lessons. He / She has to play various roles including that of mentor, leader, adaptor, communicator, risk taker etc.

8 characteristics

Look at the cartoon image of a 21st century teacher! Eventhough people would dismiss it saying it’s funny, i would say this is the exact state of every teacher of today!


The changes that took place in schools have changed the roles of teachers, too. In the past teachers used to be the major source of knowledge, the leader and educator of their students’ school life. Teachers would organize after-school activities. They used to be the authority in the class and often took over the role of parents. Nowadays, teachers provide information and show their students how to tackle them. Although they are still considered to be a kind of leader in the class, they can be thought of as facilitators in the learning process.


Sharing Session with CHMS, BSB Teachers!

A remarkable day with CHMS, BSB Teachers, 8th November 2014, as i atlast  found some free time to share some of my experiences during the Global Forum 2014 @ Barcelona. This sharing session was simply the best because it not just sharing what i did there?, but also shared what i learnt from it. There were three parts in the sharing session. First one was about Global Forum 2014 @ Barcelona. Second Session is helping teachers who face difficulties in using Yammer and last one is Teaching with Technology.

Teachers were encourage to use different pedagogies and various tools from Microsoft was introduced to them. Firstly Cloud Computing – One drive, it is a revival for them as they forgot how to use sky drive. Office Online, Office 365 were introduced and ample demo and description were provided to make them aware of how effective these tools are. Office Mix, Office 2013, Power Pivot, One Note were briefly discussed. Mathematics 2.0, Kodu Mouse Mischief , Photo synth were briefed upon. Apart from these tools, Office Mix the latest tool was discussed in details including the benefits like screen casting, video / audio recording, MCQ  – Quiz etc can be enabled.

Pil Network or the Microsoft Educators Network was revisited among teachers so they can utilize materials available there. The latest tools “SWAY” was introduced and thereby teachers were then aware of the latest happening in the world of Microsoft tools.

Apart from that teachers were encouraged to attend webinars and other professional development courses in order to update themselves.

On the whole, a fruitful experience, as teachers learnt a lot of useful things during the sharing session.

BETT ASIA 2014 – Worthy enough to attend!



Have you ever tried to sound different or disagree with a well proven factor? Indeed we lack pointers to support us when we try to disagree with this commonly accepted statement, “Learning is a life long process”. “BETT ASIA”  is Asia’s premier gathering of senior education leaders where they exceptionally remain open minded to discuss about technology altered landscape of learning, by placing tools of innovation and inspiration into the hands of educators, decision makers and other key educational professionals.

I had a privilege to attend BETT ASIA 2014 LEADERSHIP SUMMIT, 3rd – 4th December 2014, Singapore. It’s a conference where all the MIE Experts 2015 would love to attend. If i sound that the trip got me more than what i expected, majority of the people would believe that i am faking it. I got an opportunity to attend this high end conference with people who are currently making a change in their country, their school or in their classrooms.

Wile Mark Sparvell, initiated the welcome call for School Leaders, there was a gala night arranged for the Showcase school leaders who were presented with a recognition and top notch people from Microsoft graced the event. A Micro- panel discussion was initiated by Mark Sparvell among the school leaders of Brunei, Korea and Vietnam where they discussed on their best practices that they adopt in their Institution.

Though the conference witnessed many tracks at the same hour, i was privileged to attend the School Leaders Summit. With amazing speakers like Simon Breakspear from Learn Labs , Australia, thoughtful lectures delivered by specialist like Sharon Oviatt, interactive session to share perspectives with the support of Mentors such as Rob Sieben, Ken Robinson, Tony Stacey Quince , Chip Kimball and many more.

There were a few highlights that i need to mention about this conference, first one that is worthy to mention is the Microsoft in Education Mr. Antony Salcito’s address, ” What powerful models of learning do the latest technologies make possible?”. A key presentation that exposed the School leaders to the latest technologies developed by Microsoft that can impact learning, tools such as One Note, Office Mix were discussed. The new tools like SWAY was demonstrated, the transition of KODU to SPARK were discussed.

The newly innovated site for Partners in Learning Network to EXPERT ZONE was shown and that was the limelight of his presentation. He also briefly discussed his walk with Microsoft and it was amazing as ever to hear!

Other interesting presentations were delivered by speakers like Dr. Sharon Oviatt [President and Director – Incaa Designs, USA]  – “the promise, possibilities and pitfalls” . Her presentation on Computer Interfaces Can stimulate or Undermine Our Ability to Think was totally astounding!

Paul Woods presentation on the new mantra ‘ADKAR” ignited a park that none of the attendees could deny. The presentation discussed “Change Management”, followed by a panel discussion with experts and then by an interactive session. The thought “Leading change is not just professional development or training” triggered many open hearted discussion among the school leaders!

Another important topic that i need to mention is the Hot Question ” The IMPLICATIONS: What does this mean to  you?”  raised by Simon Breakspear, CEO, LearnLabs Australia brought in many School Leaders to voice out their experiences and concerns such as How do we help staff integrate technology while maintaining the focus on student learning and not on the technology? was very thoughtful.

The event was a success because of its astounding partners Microsoft, HP, Intel, Blackboard etc.

Moving ahead in life with MICROSOFT!

If someone has told me, you are going to be a computer freak…I would have laughed like hell [ROFL] !!! Well, that was ten years ago, today, i stand here recognized as Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for 2014 & 2015.
Revisiting the road i traveled… I learned computers as they intrigued me, technology amazed me and yet it has to be said astounding machine! The Intriguing, amazing & astounding thoughts forced me to explore more and i reached a no man’s land where i became my own master! 
With baby steps, i crawled the ladder, WINDOWS has been my companion throughout my journey [will be same till my last day], MS-Office became my language, as i built my career around it. I have never fancied for a different operating system and this day i stand tall and proud because of my ONE & ONLY CHOICE!
I always fancied a great career, i had it in India & once again blessed immensely in Brunei .Chung Hwa Middle School, BSB gave me opportunities that i never dreamt off. My life is good, I am blessed profoundly, thanks to the almighty, my family and friends, i am a successful woman, an educator widely known because of Microsoft! 
Thank you Microsoft for building me, my career and my future favourite as i don’t see myself without you! MSFT Brunei, thank you for supporting me for without you i could not have accomplished 50% of my dreams! ‪#‎MIEExpert15‬and ‪#‎msftedu‬.